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Snack Time!


Snack time is a regular part of our day. Morning Program children are invited to bring their own healthy snack. Full-day students will also need their own lunch and afternoon snack. Mountain Ridge Academy provides for each child a labelled water cup. The teachers will offer an environment that is positive and social where acceptable manners and behaviours are encouraged.


Snack suggestions are:

  • Fruit and vegetables, possibly with dip

  • Cheese, yogurt, applesauce

  • Granola bars, loaves, muffins, crackers

  • Raisins, pretzels, trail mix

  • Pancakes, pizza, quiche

While children will be encouraged to try new foods, the choice will be the child’s and they will not be forced to eat anything. Children will dispose of their own garbage after snack.

We do many fun baking and cooking classes. On those days, we will give you plenty of notice as your child will not have to bring morning snack.


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