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Special Events and Field Trips


We plan so much learning and fun that we don't know where to begin. Here is a little preview of special events and field trips that we have done in the past and could be part of this year, in no particular order! Every year looks a little different so we'll keep adding to the list!


  • Traditional Montessori birthday celebrations

  • Peaks Gymnastics Club field trip

  • Police Station field trip

  • Christmas carolling in Windermere

  • Skating day

  • Parents and community job interviews

  • Beach Party

  • Mother's Day Tea

  • Ethnic cooking month (Our World Month)

  • Bus ride

  • Garden field trip

  • Healthy Eating Spring Break Send Off

  • Christmas Concert

  • Father's Day Picnic

  • Bakery/Restaurant Visit

  • Valentine's Day Party

  • Sports Day

  • Halloween Party

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