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Curriculum Themes

January to June


This is the exciting part. Oh! The things we'll learn about! If you have anything at home that will contribute our lessons, we would love to share it with the class! We will take good care of it. Please remember our monthly theme when choosing sharing items! Thank You!


These are the themes of the months. We have based some of our curriculum with these topics in mind. Our learning will incorporate the topics in fun and imaginative ways!


In January, we will learn about....."Our World and Life in Canada"

- Learning about different countries

- Exploring different cultures and traditions around the world

- Viewing flags from different countries

- Understanding our own background

- What makes Canada so amazing?

- A look at all things Canadian from coast to coast!


In March, we will learn about....."Trains, Planes, and Automobiles"

- A look at how different machines work

- Why do we need machines?

- What jobs are done by machines? How did we do those jobs before machinery?


In February, we will learn about....."Food and Health"

- Food groups

- Healthy eating and healthy habits

- Teeth, hair and good hygiene

- Why is it important to take care of ourselves?

- Why is activity an important part of healthy bodies?


In April, we will learn about....."Living Things and Life Cycles"

- What is the difference between living and non-living things?

- What do plants need for life?

- What do animals need for life?

- Life cycles of plants and animal



In May, we will learn about....."The Great Outdoors"

- What shapes and patterns do we find in nature?

- How does the sun warm the earth?

- Can we harness the power of the wind?

- How does water flow?

- How do we care for our school garden?

In June, we will learn about....."Celebrations and Milestones"

- Wrapping up the school year

- Picnic fun at the beach

- Celebrating preschool graduation

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